Organize a vote in a few clicks

The Mieux Voter team is developing an open source, free software and free platform that allows everyone to organize a vote with the Majority Judgment method in a secure and anonymous manner. Its code is audited by Rida Laraki, co-inventor of the Majority Judgement.

This application is developed thanks to your donations, your memberships and a team of volunteer developers that we would like to thank in passing.

This application is suitable for organizing Majority Judgment votes in small to medium sized communities or circles of trust (<1000 people).

The pro

  • Possibility to create invitation-only votes (email invitation, only one vote possible per guaranteed recipient)
  • Very good ergonomics, creation of a vote in a few minutes,
  • Anonymous votes securely transmitted to the server (https)
  • Option to get results as votes are cast or at closing only,
  • Privacy: no advertising, no cookies.
  • Multilingual platform (French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, …)
  • Automatically verified code security (SonarCloud)

If it is useful to you, you can support the association to help us make this application always more user-friendly and efficient.

This post is also available in: French

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