Majority Judgment

Majority Judgment is a new theory of social choice applicable to all collective decision-making, established by CNRS mathematicians Michel Balinski and Rida Laraki in 2002.

Discover Majority Judgment

Endless applications: Majority Judgment is applicable to all types of collective decision – from electing candidates, to retaining one or more ideas in a collaborative workshop, to choosing between several projects, classifying wines, etc. It can easily be used at all scales (local, national, or international) and in all environments (at school, or for businesses, associations, cooperatives, public authorities and more).

A simple and intuitive principle, which changes everything: voters express their opinion on each application or candidate by attributing them a “mention”, for instance “excellent”, “very good”, “good”, “fair”, “insufficient”, or “rejected”. The successful candidate is the one deemed the most deserving by a majority of the electorate, therefore the one with the best rating attributed by over 50% (the majority) of the electorate. Similarly, this method can be used to provide a ranking of applications or candidates.

A precise measure of participants’ opinion for a more informed collective decision: by collecting voters’ opinion on each option – instead of just picking their favourite one – the result encompasses much more information than a traditional uninominal vote. Traditional voting, by reducing voters’ opinion to a single choice, ignores most of what voters truly think. By aggregating all these information, Majority Judgment does not just designate a winner who would get the majority, or largest minority, of votes: it precisely measures the amount of credit given to each option and thereby greatly refines the decision-making process.

Test Majority Judgment

Several applications for launching a vote using the majority judgment method are beginning to emerge. Mieux voter offers you a selection of them by favouring open source and free solutions on a dedicated page.

Comic strip

Discover the majority judgment via the excellent comic strip proposed Le Choix Commun (external link).

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