About us

“Mieux Voter” is a French non-profit association (see our statutes) dedicated to promoting the use of Majority Judgment, a new theory of social choice, as a tool to improve collective decision-making and participatory democracy for all – from public authorities, to schools, companies, associations, and individuals.

We bring together all those who believe in better ways to vote. Join us!

Tribute to Michel Balinski

Michel Balinski, founding member of Mieux Voter, left us on February 4, 2019. Michel Balinski, Director of Research at the CNRS, received the prestigious “John von Neumann Theory Prize” in 2013 for his fundamental contributions to applied mathematics and operational research. He is the co-inventor of the Majority Judgment and the originator of a method for electing a representative parliament that is now used by several Swiss cantons. Trained at MIT (economics) and Princeton (mathematics), he lived and worked mainly in the United States and France. In recent years, his research has focused on voting methods. Through its actions, Mieux Voter hopes to contribute in the long term to the dissemination of Michel Balinski’s work to as wide an audience as possible, as well as to their societal applications.


Maria Balinska

Maria Balinska

Executive Director of the US-UK Fulbright Commission

Maria Balinska is the Executive Director of the US-UK Fulbright Commission. Educated in the US and in Europe, she joined the BBC in London in 1991, where she worked until 2009 as a producer and then senior editor focusing on international affairs. She returned to the US in 2009 on a Nieman fellowship at Harvard and subsequently founded Latitude News, an experiment in reporting America’s links with the rest of the world in new ways. In 2014, Maria joined the launch team of The Conversation US, a non-profit digital daily where the content is authored by academics and edited by journalists for the general public. For four years she was The Conversation US’s Editor-in-Chief, based in Boston. She is also the author of The Bagel: the surprising history of a modest bread (Yale 2008), described by the New York Times as a ‘scrumptious book.’

Loïc Blondiaux

Loïc Blondiaux

University Professor, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Loïc teaches political science at the Sorbonne. His research interests include opinion polls, representational theory, the history of social science, and participatory democracy. He is the Director of the Institut de la concertation and Vice-President of the NGO Démocratie ouverte since November 2015. He is also a member of the Commission parisienne du débat public (CPDP; Public Debate Commission of Paris) and one of the founders of Politix magazine.

Eric Brousseau

Eric Brousseau

Professor of economics and management

Eric is a professor of economics and management, as well as Director, of the Doctoral School at Paris-Dauphine University. He founded the Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy (IOEA) in 2002, and chaired the International Society for New Institutional Economics in 2013 and 2014. He is also an honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France. His research has focused on the analysis of institutions and governance mechanisms.

David Chavalarias

David Chavalarias

Director of Research CNRS (CAMS/EHESS) and Director of the Institute of Complex Systems of Paris Ile-de-France.

David studies social systems in an interdisciplinary way by mobilising approaches from computational social sciences, cognitive sciences, and socio-economic theories. He is particularly interested in the impact of new technologies on social dynamics and the innovations they bring in the field of collective coordination tools.

David Guez

David Guez

Lawyer at the Paris Bar and Co-founder of LaPrimaire.org.

David is the managing partner of a business firm he founded and is primarily involved in private equity and mergers and acquisitions. He also co-founded LaPrimaire.org, an open democratic primary organised in parallel to the 2017 presidential election. He contributes to various projects that encourage the involvement of citizens in political life, helping them defend the causes they hold dear.

Thibauld Favre

Thibauld Favre

Entrepreneur and co-founder of LaPrimaire.org.

President of Decusis, a company specializing in cryptocurrencies, Thibauld co-founded LaPrimaire.org, an open democratic primary organised in parallel to the 2017 presidential elections. Thibauld is also part-time Director at The Family investment company.

Pierre-Louis Guhur

Pierre-Louis Guhur


Pierre-Louis is a graduate of ENS Paris-Saclay and an associate in industrial and computer sciences. He is the founder of MV Robot, a start-up specialised in autonomous cleaning. Active contributor to LaPrimaire.org, he designs an online voting system for Majority Judgment.

Rida Laraki

Rida Laraki

Director of Research at the CNRS.

Rida is co-inventor of Majority Judgment. Polytechnician and doctor of mathematics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, he is a Research Director at the CNRS (Dauphine-PSL) and honorary professor at the University of Liverpool. His research focuses on game theory, social choice, theoretical economics, optimisation, and learning.

Paloma Moritz

Paloma Moritz

Journalist and director.

Paloma has been a journalist and Director at Spicee since 2015. Specialising in the monitoring of civic tech and citizen initiatives, she has produced, among others, a series of reports on "doing politics differently", including two documentaries on the LaPrimaire.org in 2017, and on large-scale citizen consultations organised by Make.org.

Chloé Ridel

Chloé Ridel

Civil servant.

A former ENA student and graduate of Sciences Po, Chloe is a high-ranking civil servant and faces the demands of collective discussion and decision-making on a daily basis. She helped co-found Mieux Voter, with the conviction that Majority Judgment could achieve concrete progress in the area of collective decision-making, and help improve local and corporate democracy.

Founding members

  • Samuel Abettan, PhD Candidate in Political Science at Paris-Dauphine University

  • Mourad Baiou, CNRS Research Director, LIMOS Laboratory UCA University

  • Michel Balinski, Research Director emeritus of CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique

  • Antoine Barrier, Student at ENS

  • Audrey Berté, Coach on happiness at work, active member of the Spinoza Factory

  • Jean-Marc Bonnisseau, University Professor, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

  • Xavier Bry, Senior Lecturer at the University of Montpellier

  • Hermann Bouly, Engineer, co-founder of the site “The Common Choice” (“Le choix commun”, [ADD LINK])

  • Eric Brousseau, Professor of Economics and Management, Director of the Doctoral School at Paris-Dauphine University

  • Jean-Baptiste Caillau, Professor of Mathematics Universities at Nice-Côte d’Azur University

  • Daniel Calvignac, Retired Engineer, responsible for the Grésivaudan community

  • Kevin Carrière, School Teacher

  • Jean Cartellier, Associate Professor, University of Montpellier Paul Valéry – CORHIS

  • David Chavalarias, Research Director at CNRS, Social Mathematics Analysis Centre (CAMS), EHESS

  • Dominique Demougin, Professor of Economics at the University of Liverpool

  • Gautier Dietrich, PhD Student in Mathematics at the University of Montpellier

  • Benjamin Dourdy, Head of Research Group at the Spinoza Factory

  • Louis Drounau, International civil servant, President and founder of EuropeanConstitution.eu

  • Claire Durrieu, Civil servant

  • Cédric Exbrayat, Engineer, Founder of Lyon JUG, MiXiT, and Ninja Squad, blogger

  • Thibault Favre, Inner, co-founder of La Primaire.org

  • Martin Fortier, PhD student in Social Anthropology at EHESS

  • David Guez, Lawyer and co-founder of LaPrimaire.org

  • Pierre-Louis Guhur, President of MV Robots, graduate of ENS, Associate of Industrial and Computer Sciences

  • Axel Guyon, Engineer

  • Jean-Baptiste HIRIART-URRUTY, Mathematician, Emeritus Professor at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse

  • Rida Laraki, CNRS Research Director at Paris-Dauphine-PSL University

  • Michel Le Breton, Professor of Economics at Toulouse 1-Capitole University and Toulouse School of Economics

  • Jean-Marc Le Roux, Engineer-developer for the “Ma voix” collective

  • Mael Le Treust, Researcher at CNRS at Cergy-Pontoise University

  • Marjolaine Leray, Author-Illustrator, co-founder of the site “Le choix commun”

  • David Louapre, Graduate of ENS and Doctor of Physics, creator of the “Science étonnante” Youtube channel

  • Clément Mabi, Senior Lecturer in Information and Communication Science at UTC Compiègne

  • Ridha Mahjoub, Professor in Computer Science at Paris-Dauphine-PSL University

  • Jean-Pierre Marilley, Engineer

  • Paloma Moritz, Journalist-Director at Spicee

  • Sylvain Moulierac, Student in Economics at Polytechnique

  • Julien Moutinho

  • Alexis Peilloux, Territorial Administrator

  • Karel Peroutka, former Diplomat

  • Chloé Ridel, Civil Servant

  • Nicolas Saby, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Montpellier

  • Jean-Pierre Schandeler, Researcher at the CNRS and Historian

  • Xavier Starkloff, Mining Engineer at Polytechnique

  • Vincent Verdoot, Engineer

  • Clémence Tricaud, PhD student in Economics at Polytechnique-CREST

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