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Here are some simple actions that can change the way we do Democracy (click for more details):

Share your experiences on Twitter:

When you have organized a majority jugement vote, post a short description on Twitter with the hashtag #votedbetter so that we can list use cases on our site.

For example:

“Today, we elected our class representatives to the majority judgment #votedbetter”

Become an ambassador for Majority Judgment

You want to help spread the word about the Majority Judgment around you: create or join a local group!

Public administration, company or association

Majority Judgment helps you innovate in your internal consultations or participatory democracy processes, fosters consensus within your organisation, and improves collective decision-making. Mieux Voter stands ready to help you identify your needs and experiment with Majority Judgment.

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Mieux Voter is a non-profit, apolitical association. By joining the association, you contribute to finance its operations and activities. You will be invited to join our internal social network and interact with members of the movement. You agree to read and respect its statute  (see our statutes).

Any natural or legal person can join Mieux Voter, with the exception of political parties, religious organisations and organisations carrying out illegal activities.

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