Give the elections to the voters

Our elections are archaic. We must change the rules. We want our opinions to be fully taken into account. We no longer want to vote by default, to vote useful voting, or to vote blank. We want to vote with Majority Judgment.

What is Majority Judgment?

Majority Judgment is a new voting system, created by Rida Laraki et Michel Balinski, Research Director at CNRS.

The voter gives its opinion about every candidate, using a using a common scale, from "Excellent" to "Reject".

Exemple : Excellent, Très bien, Bien, Assez bien, Passable, Insuffisant, À rejeter.

The winner of the election is the candidate that is the best evaluated by a majority.

Start your own majority vote

For you, we have created a free and simple application that allows you to organize a vote with Majority Judgment.


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Better Vote is an assocation that wants to revolutionize elections using a new voting system, called Majority Judgment.

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